My first app is already on track

After tinkering with some ideas, I decided which app I’m going to build.
It will be a soundboard, but not a normal one! It will be a funny/comical/humorous/silly one.

Just go to the App Store and write: “funny soundboard”, you will find quite a couple of them.

Why did I choose this kind of app?

The character I’m going to cover hasn’t been done yet

These soundboards have different characters and memes. I never saw the one I’m covering. Maybe because it’s a bit old. It was quite a local phenomenon a couple years ago.
Yeah it’s outdated, but at the moment it’s better than nothing.

It’s easy

I already have the tools to build something like these.
The framework is very basic, just a couple buttons to play sounds, another couple buttons to move from page to page… and I think that’s all.

The grunt work is grabbing the sounds, but I’m almost done with that and I only dedicated ~1.30hs to the task.

I’m strapped with time

This application must be done (and published!) in ~30hs.
I only work on it for 1h a day, everyday.

So, when you are strapped for time, you can’t spend days thinking of the perfect idea, you have to choose one and go with it. After all, this is only an experiment and it’s not meant to be taken super seriously.

Once I have the experience (publishing an app on Play Store) I might build a more complex game, we will see!

If I’m lucky, this app will see the light of day at the middle of the month.

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