I’m An Idiot

You know why?

Because I started developing a game. This game is going to take me 2-3 months.
But here’s the thing. Is this game going to put me closer to my goals?


That’s why I decided to cancel it. It was fun yes, but it wasn’t productive.

And you know what? I’m cancelling the experiments too. And this blog.

In May I said I wanted to make $1000 in passive income by 2020.

Making games is not going to help me do that. Doing experiments, while useful and educative… still aren’t going to make me money.

I should be working full time on Niche Sites.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

This blog is nice and all, but right now I’m in “emergency mode”.

When 2020 arrives I must be ready to get the hell out of here. For that I need money.

Isn’t going to happen if I’m fucking around.

So, it’s a goodbye for now. I will see if I want to continue doing this in the future, but right now I’m just wasting precious time.

What I’m going to focus on then?

I’m gonna build 10 niche sites. I have less than 6 months to make this happens.


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