Experiment #2: Build A Short Game

For this experiment I’m going to build a small game that takes no more than a month.

For those who don’t know, I actually have experience making games.

This baby took 15 months to build. Everything was hand-crafted, from music to graphics, code… even font! For a seasoned player it takes 4hs30min to complete the entire game, so yes! it’s a long adventure.

Now that I know how arduous is it to make a game, I’m reducing my scope to be able to complete this task in a month.

I plan to reuse sounds and code. Graphics were already bought for $60.

“So what kind of game is it going to be?” You may be asking.

It is going to be some sort of Tower Defense combined with RPG characteristics.

It will contain only 10 levels, 20 different enemies and 5 bosses.

It will be an obligatory 2-player local game. Yes, you won’t be able to play alone, you will need a friend! Luckily for us there’s tech that allows playing local games on online environments (check out Parsec)

How much money I want to make with it?

Believe me, trying to make money with games is no joke. You are better off building a niche site or doing freelance work.

That’s why I consider this an experiment and not a project. I know I won’t be able to make more than $100 if I’m lucky.

I will sell it through itch.io and do marketing on reddit + forums.

Goal? Sell 50 copies at $2.99 each. Considering taxes, I will be left with $2.10 for each copy totalling a whooping $105.

See? I’m already losing money making this experiment.

Then why doing it?

Because at the moment I need a stress-free project to work on. I’ve spent half of June sick and the other half working 10hs per day for my freelance job.

The climate is really sucking the life out of my soul. Cloudy and rainy. I hate it.

Let’s take this experiment as a mental vacation.

Once it’s done, I will make a couple bucks and be ready to finish my #1 Project: the niche site. Which at this point should be more than done.

See you very soon!

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