Experiment #1 Result

This took longer than expected.

The first version of the android app was made on Game Maker Studio 1.
It looked very good, with handmade graphics. Bad news is that I accidentally deleted all sprites so I can’t show you anything, this old app stopped working.

However, there was a problem.

You know, when you are playing with a soundboard, you WANT to share the funny sounds with your friends.

That’s why I had to build an extension in GMS for sharing sounds. Sadly, I never managed to make it work. The app was ready, but you couldn’t share the sounds, what’s the point in that?

Building this first version took 2 weeks of 1h each day.

So I decided so start all over again, but using a different technology.

Enter Phonegap

Phonegap/Cordova is a tool that transforms you html/css/javascript into native mobile code. At first I was a bit hesitant, but once I dived right in, everything went well.

The good:
Managed to build my app, with an improved UI. It even worked on my Samsung phone and I could share the sounds on whatsapp! It was terrific! I even put admob on it (but for some reason production ads weren’t never displayed).

Here you can see the colored buttons and the share feature on top of them.

The bad:
I had a shit ton of problems with plugin compatibilities and building the apk bundle for Google Play. On a positive note, I took note of all of this so when I build me next app I don’t to go through it again.

The ugly:
Google Play rejected my app for “impersonation” and “sexually explicit content”.

Was there any impersonation on the app? that’s relative. There are a lot of similar apps that do the same thing and weren’t banned.

Sexually explicit content? God no, I have no idea where did they get this from. Maybe I filled the content rating wrong? I don’t know.

At first I was really dissapointed that they rejected the app, and I started thinking changes to apply so I could try again… but the truth is that I don’t plan to go through all this trouble.

First reason is that this already took to long. First version took 2 weeks (granted that I only worked on it for 1 hour a day) and this second version took another 2 weeks.

Second reason is that this won’t make any money, so why in the hell going through the risk of getting my account banned? No thanks.


Despite getting my app banned, this experiment went better than expected!

+ I learned how to make extensions for Game Maker Studio, which is going to be very useful in the future.

+ I learned how to create an app in Cordova/Phonegap. This is huge for me, because I was a bit “afraid” of using this tool. But this went away very fast!

+ I learned how to implement admob, although production ads never got displayed.

+ Finally, I have my Developer Account ready for my next application, which is going to come in the next months. It will be very something 100% original so I don’t have any “”impersonation”” problems.




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