Experiment #1: Build An Android Game

I had no idea which experiment to try first! I have a couple ideas, but I couldn’t decide which one to do. Finally I said: “let’s just do a simple android game”.

So that will be the main experiment for this month!

What can you expect from this?

+ How to create a Google Play Account
+ How to create a simple mobile game
+ How to monetize it
+ And more!

Additionally, I will be working on:

+ Waking up at 9am everyday (I have a REALLY hard time with sleep schedules)
+ Publishing my game on 10 new places (https://directshift.itch.io/rabbits-quest)
+ Building my first micro niche site
+ Practicing copy
+ Reading sales books

That looks like a lot of things, but fret not, I will eventually tell you how to do all of these things everyday (plus my developer job).

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