Hello! My name is Mariano and I’m not happy with where I am right now.

Let’s see…

+ I’m in my late-twenties
+ I still don’t have my own place
+ I’m making around $600 per month, in a declining country called Argentina. In fact, my money is worth less with every week that passes.
+ I’m super unsatisfied with my life in general (no new experiences, no money, no social life)

So how do we fix this?

My main priority is MONEY.

With money, I will be able to have more control over my life.

How do I plan to do that?

Building Niche Sites!

I always wanted to make passive income, but guess what? I never did anything to accomplish it.

But that’s not everything! Additionally I will be doing 1 month experiments, a la 30daystox.

Why doing that? Well… because for years I had this nagging issue at the back of my mind: “what if I do 1 month experiments?”

I tried to push it away, but it always, ALWAYS comes back. OK! I’m going to do it! 1 month experiments!


Hop aboard, and let’s make things happen!