A Necessary Change In Plans

I spent Wednesday to Friday slighly sick. I had a pathetic and weak flu, but enough to hinder my concentration.

Those 3 days were spent sleeping, drinking water, lemon juice (for the stomach) and reading fiction.

I really tried to sit down and work but it wasn’t possible and was even dangerous (I almost made a mistake that could affect a website payment system).

Then came Saturday, which was spent working on my main job, this blog and my #1 experiment. But I barely had time for my upcoming Niche Site.

After really thinking about it, I decided to change my approach to this whole thing.

Right now my days consist in working on a plethora of things, between 3-4 projects at the same time.

While I like the variety, it tends to affect my performance on the tail end – project (Niche Sites) mainly because it’s the last thing I get to work on the day. Sometimes I end up dedicating less than 30 minutes to it, and it’s something I don’t accept at all.

So how do I fix this?

Focusing on 1 Project at a time

Today I dedicated my entire time (except the first 2hs which are always assigned to my mandatory main job) to work on the app (my #1 experiment).

I’m going to admit that I found some problems, if you are into coding you will understand what I’m saying (some libraries/dependencies that don’t work, and no one knows why).

And 1h per day is not enough so I always end up doing at least 30 additional minutes.

That’s why, from now on this is going to be my approach:

+ I will work on only ONE project at a time. Be it a Niche Site, an App or an Experiment.
+ I will switch every time a project ends.
+ Regarding the experiments, I will limit them to around 1-2 weeks of length.

You may be wondering how exactly does this work!


This is the workflow I will follow:

1) Experiment (for around 1-2 weeks)
I will focus on the selected experiment with singular focus. I will do so until I finish the experiment specially if it’s something like an App.

2) Blog (for around 3-5 days)
I will write content for this blog. If my time runs out and I didn’t finish a post, no problem, I will continue on the next iteration.

3) Niche Sites (for around 1 month or less)
I will build a new niche site and work on it tirelessly until it’s done. The scope of the sites will be short, that’s why they are niche sites! With more experience I expect to be able to finish them faster every time.

4) Blog (again!) (for around 3-5 days)

And start all over again.

If we traslate this to my current condition then…

1) Finish android app (only a couple days left).
2) Write a couple blog posts, some of them detailing my experience and learnings if necessary (I already have two on draft!)
3) Finish first niche site (I’m in the phase of writing the first posts, but there’s still a long way to go)
4) Write more content for this blog

With this approach I’m sure I will be more comfortable.

I’m the kind of person that likes to concentrate on just a few things at the same time, sometimes to the point of obsession.

That’s what I did with my last project, a full-fledged game that took me 15 months to complete. I remember working as much as I could, thinking all the time how it could be improved.

With that said…

Let’s go!


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